For that camisole look with a leotard stretch, the leotard camisole is the dancer's garment of choice. The light materials make it an easy and comfortable fit, while multiple styles can either conceal or expose your midriff, and, in some cases, extend past the waist to cover parts of your legs as well. Versatile and form-fitting, it's a central part of every dancer's arsenal, and we've got the range of colors, cuts, and fits that you'll need to select the perfect camisole-style leotard for you. Take our Capezio camisoles, for example. These perfectly embody the stripped-down, classic appearance that many dancers prefer. Our selection is composed of a special fabric, meryl skinlife and lycra, that not only conforms to the body but maintains natural microbial balance on the skin and maintains the garment's level of freshness over time. The colors available provide a timeless appearance, whether you prefer plain black or a slightly different hue. This option provides a bit of covering for the thighs while remaining snug and allowing that full range of motion that you need to bust out your best moves. Whether practicing or performing, you'll feel secure in this simple-but-stylish piece of gear. You can even use it as a layering piece to couple with other items. No matter what kind of camisole you think would suit you best; you'll find the options here in our collection. Check out everything we have to offer, and remember to shoot us a message if you need an additional assistance locating a particular item.