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Dance pants are a crucial part of the look, so you have to make sure you get the best! We carry a large selection of the best varieties:

As you can see, we've got pants for any dance style and can supply them in whatever fashion you need them. Traditionalists, for instance, might find our selection of plain pants to be just what they need. We've got a large number of form fitting, solid color bottoms of different makes and cuts. Need something high waisted? We've got it. Need something that's a bit tighter or looser than normal? We've got that too. We carry plain shorts, capris, and even have options like faux leather or shiny metallic for completing a particular look.

Dancers looking to make a different kind of statement might find our selection of harem pants more appealing. The baggier style is perfect for when you want to play it loose or complete a specific look. They fit in well with our overall collection of hip-hop style pants and leggings, opening up a world of possibilities for urban-themed dance numbers.

Like we said, we've got bottoms for all dance varieties. Whether you need plain leggings, a fashion print, or a more specialized option, we can hook you up. Be sure to look over all of our options to find exactly what you need. If you need help finding something specific or just want to drop us a line to ask some questions, have at it!