An interesting amalgam of varied styles, dance sneakers represent the primary option for dancers who value versatility. Though they might mimic the appearance of everyday walk around footwear, make no mistake—these are serious dance shoes for the dedicated performer. Whether you're into hip-hop, funk dancing, cheerleading, jazz, or anything else, a good pair of dance sneakers will provide the flexibility and support you need to execute your routine with precision.

Obviously, not all dance sneakers are the same. Though you'll find many options that are low-cut, you'll find that there are also many varieties of hip-hop dance sneakers that are high cut. Some offer enhanced arch support; some offer slightly less. A popular design is the split sole, that provides support in the front of the shoe (beneath the toes and ball of the foot) and the back heel. The arch of the foot, on the other hand, has no sole. Some come with slippery soles or spin spots to enhance rapid turns, others, not so much. This is the power of the dance sneaker: there's so much choice that you're more often than not going to find the option that works best for you and fits your dance style.

We've made sure to pack our stock of dance sneakers full of those options so you can find what's right for you. As mentioned, we have a wide array of hip-hop shoes, along with many more. We carry multiple colors, ranging from the brightest blues and reds to much more subdued black options. We've even got a few with sparkles and sequins to help you stand out. Take a look at what we're offering and be sure to drop a line if you need any assistance.