How to Do a Leg Hold Turn: A Guide to Building Strength, Balance, and Flexibility


Mastering leg hold turns in dance demands both strength and balance. In this Premium video, dance expert Ali Geraets offers comprehensive guidance on how to gain balance and build strength for perfecting leg hold turns. She introduces multiple variations, emphasizing flexibility as a key factor in executing these turns successfully. The preparation stage is crucial. Ali instructs you to start with a proper plié, a fundamental ballet move that aids in balance. Use your arm strength to maintain position and generate the energy needed for the turn. Instead of lowering your body to meet your leg, use your arm muscles to lift the leg, ensuring a strong rotation and better balance. Ali also shares an alternative method that particularly benefits those with good flexibility. Start by extending your right leg and engage your plié to lift it, while keeping the supporting leg straight. Use your arm strength for maximum leg elevation, crucial for a balanced and powerful rotation. Watch Ali's dancers as they demonstrate these strength and flexibility-enhancing variations of leg hold turns. Use these techniques to improve your balance and strength in dance!

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