Improve Flexibility with Partner Stretches


Stretching is vital for dancers for optimal performance and overall well-being, and doing partner stretches can make the process both fun and effective. In a premium dance training video, expert Ali Geraets details a variety of partner stretches, providing safety tips and guidance on how to perform them effectively.

Butterfly Stretch: This partner stretch targets the hips, groin, and inner thighs. The video offers variations to benefit both partners and advises on how long to hold the stretch.

Pike Stretch: This partner stretch aims at improving hamstring and lower back flexibility. Ali shows how to adapt the stretch for different flexibility levels and stresses the importance of maintaining straight legs and pointed feet. Straddle Stretch: For more advanced dancers, this partner stretch provides options for additional resistance.

Wall Stretch: This partner stretch not only improves flexibility but also provides a light arm workout for the assisting partner. By engaging in these partner stretches, dancers can enhance their flexibility and performance in a safe and enjoyable manner. Effective communication with your partner is key to achieving the best results! 

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