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Everyone likes new stuff, right? We're certainly enamored with staying on the forefront of providing the best selection of new offerings, and we hope you're just as excited to check out the new dancewear that we have on display. Now, it's certainly possible that you have some tried-and-true favorites that you like to get every time you're looking for dance gear, but maybe it's time to venture outside of the comfort zone and peruse the new arrivals? You might find that the vast array of new activewear is taking style in new directions that play right into your own personal aesthetics. Like some of the "theme" biketards we have in stock. They all play to a different mood, and we've filled our selection with a whole range of unique offerings like the Youth Reign, Newsies, and Queen of Hearts varieties, just to name a few. Perhaps you're looking for something more traditional that has just a dash of new-school flavor? Camo leggings are a great new style that combines the traditional legging with all kinds of camouflage color variations, creating a look that is equal parts classic and modern. Dance sweatpants, harem pants, tees, and hoodies are also an integral part of our inventory, so you can mix and match to create exactly the look you want. Shoes are undergoing a renaissance as well, and we've shifted what we carry to match the times. You'll find plenty of dance high-tops, dance combat shoes, and other contemporary footwear when you're browsing our new arrivals. Of course, it's not just clothes and shoes that we stock; we've also got accessories like ribbons, bags, hats, and just about anything else you'll need to make your performances memorable.