Unlock Your Best Battement


Mastering grand battements is essential for improving your overall strength, flexibility, and balance in dance. While many dancers get introduced to battements early in their dance training journey, it's never too late to start. In this video, dance expert Ali Geraets walks you through three key variations of grand battement combinations to execute across the floor. The first set focuses on traditional battements, incorporating straight kicks to the front and side, followed by an arabesque. As you practice, maintain a strong upper body and pay heed to your shoulder orientation. Whether you're on flat feet or on releve depends on your skill level, so choose accordingly. Learn the art of shifting your hips forward without losing balance. The second variation is similar but introduces a tilted side battement, which challenges your balance and engages different muscle groups. The final combo includes all the previous moves, adding a leg hold turn after the arabesque for an extra dose of flexibility and strength training. Watch as Ali's dancer demonstrates these strength- and flexibility-enhancing battement combinations, and start improving your dance balance today!

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